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Gamers Review Starfield


Nobody can hear you review a game in space. donkey store 🤍

Starfield Review - This game is a disaster!


So you loved the Bethesda RPG's of old with their immersive world and characters. Meet Starfield it basically throws all that out the window. Support this channel on: 🤍 Paypal: macksgamingworld🤍 🤍 Greenman Gaming Link - 🤍 Streaming channel 🤍 Merchandise Shop: 🤍

Starfield Review


Starfield reviewed on PC and Xbox Series X by Dan Stapleton. It’s never a great sign when someone recommends a game on the grounds that it gets good after more than a dozen hours, but that’s very much the kind of game Starfield is, and I do recommend it. There are a lot of forces working against it, and the combination of disjointed space travel, nonexistent maps, aggravating inventory management, and a slow rollout of essential abilities very nearly did it in. It was the joys piloting a custom spaceship into and out of all sorts of morally ambiguous situations in a rich sci-fi universe that eventually pulled it out of a nosedive. I’m glad that I powered through the early hours, because its interstellar mystery story pays off and, once the ball got rolling, combat on foot and in space gradually became good enough that its momentum carried me into New Game+ after I’d finished the main story after around 60 hours. Like Skryim and Fallout 4 before it, there’s still an immense amount of quality roleplaying quests and interesting NPCs out there, waiting to be stumbled across, and the pull to seek it out is strong.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre The Game Review


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre reviewed by Travis Northup on PC. Also available on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. "I have little doubt that in a year or two, when they’ve added more scenarios and maps, fixed the most pressing technical issues, and maybe thought up a better way for newcomers to learn how to play, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will become a staple in my growing asymmetrical horror games library. For now, however, my recommendation comes with a lot of caveats. While the less lopsided take on the asymmetrical horror format definitely works, the shallow number of samey maps can get monotonous pretty quickly, and even with a fair number of playable characters and a solid progression system, I found myself way too comfortable with the three scenarios after just a few hours. Still, the potential behind this format and the reverence for the beloved horror classic it’s based on is clear, even when it does feel a tad half-baked coming out the gates."

REDFALL - Angry Review - WORST GAME of 2023!?


🔥ANGRYJOE's GFUEL FLAVOR IS HERE: 👉 🤍 👈 AngryJoe Reviews Redfall possibly the WORST Game of 2023 and a huge disaster for Arkane, Bethesda and Xbox, but why is it so bad? Find out! 💥Patreon ► 🤍 🔥YT Join ► 🤍 👕Our New Merch!► 🤍 ⚔️ Rathskellers Tables ► 🤍 🕹️ ORIGIN PC's ► 🤍 🎲 Full Episodes ► 🤍 📺Twitch ► 🤍 🐦Twitter ► 🤍 🐦Twitter ► 🤍 🌎AJSA Community ► 🤍 👚AJSA Jerseys! ► 🤍

The Truth About Game Review


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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum - Angry Review [WORST GAME OF THE YEAR!?!]


🔥ANGRYJOE's GFUEL FLAVOR IS HERE: 👉 🤍 👈 AngryJoe Reviews possibly truly the WORST Game of the YEAR maybe EVER for a High-Profile licensed game, Lord of the Rings: Gollum - Let the AWFULNESS COMMENCE and the ANGRY FLOW! Clips Used: 🤍 💥Patreon ► 🤍 🔥YT Join ► 🤍 👕Our New Merch!► 🤍 ⚔️ Rathskellers Tables ► 🤍 🕹️ ORIGIN PC's ► 🤍 🎲 Full Episodes ► 🤍 📺Twitch ► 🤍 🐦Twitter ► 🤍 🐦Twitter ► 🤍 🌎AJSA Community ► 🤍 👚AJSA Jerseys! ► 🤍

Silica Review - Huge potential for this excellent game.


Immersion to a whole new level. Support this channel on: 🤍 Paypal: macksgamingworld🤍 🤍 Greenman Gaming Link - 🤍 Streaming channel 🤍 Merchandise Shop: 🤍

Game Review Scores Suck


Discussion around game reviews for any platform, whether it's a Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS5 or PC game, has always been a bit messy, and a large part of that is thanks to numbers. Some thoughts. ⚡️Social Network Things!⚡️ Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 The Gear We Use To Make Our Videos These are my affiliate links if you want to support the channel! Cameras and Accessories Sony A7IV 🤍 Sony 24-70 Lens 🤍 Angelbird 128GB SD Card 🤍 Beastgrip Tripod 🤍 Beastgrip Minitripod 🤍 Rhino Arc II Slider 🤍 Manfrotto 502AH 🤍 Manfrotto Tripod 🤍 Audio: Audio-Technica AT4053b Microphone 🤍 MixPre 3 Recorder 🤍 K-Tek Boompole 🤍 Lighting: Aputure 120D Light 🤍 Quasar Tube Light 🤍 Astera Tube Light 🤍

Cyberpunk 2077: The Re-Review


Taking another look at Cyberpunk 2077 in light of the recent overhaul that was update 2.0 alongside the release of its first and only DLC expansion Phantom Liberty. Timestamps 00:00 Intro 00:55 Overview 02:30 Technical State 04:21 Difficulty 05:46 Story & Thoughts 12:43 Progression Systems 25:24 Gameplay & World 33:20 Combat 38:15 Phantom Liberty 40:18 Steam Deck Compatibility 41:11 Positives/Negatives 43:15 Conclusion 45:44 Wrap Up Intro Music By Juan Andrés Matos, 🤍 Merch Shop: 🤍 Info On Reviews: 🤍 - Support The Channel By Becoming A Member! - Become A Member!: 🤍 Follow Me On Various Social Media Steam Profile: 🤍 Steam Curator Page: 🤍 My Facebook: 🤍 My Twitter: 🤍 #gaming #gamereviews #cyberpunk2077

13 BEST Single Player Games You NEVER Played


Today we just wanted to talk about some cool singleplayer game experiences/campaigns we like. That's it. Subscribe for more: 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:23 Alice: Madness Returns 1:29 Night in the Woods 2:46 ASTLIBRA Revision 3:56 Binary Domain 5:06 As Dusk Falls 6:30 The Pathless 8:04 Mad Max 9:30 Echo 10:54 Alpha Protocol 12:24 Black Mesa 13:26 This War Of Mine 14:09 Deadpool 15:18 Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Review


The Lord of the Rings: Gollum reviewed by Justin Koreis on PC, also available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. Why, of all the interesting characters in The Lord of the Rings lore, would anyone want to play an entire game as Gollum? Why would one trade the solid action of prior games in this universe, like Shadow of Mordor, for busywork, uninspired and frustrating platforming, and bad stealth? It’s not clear who this is for, or what it was intended to achieve. What is clear is that it’s not fun to play, and not something to recommend to any but the most curious and dedicated Lord of the Rings fan. #IGN #Gaming #Gollum

Indiana Jones Video Game Retrospective | A Complete History and Review


Get an exclusive 🤍Surfshark deal! Enter promo code FINISHED for an extra 3 months free at 🤍 The channel swings into action thanks to the Patrons! - 🤍 TWITTER - 🤍 DISCORD - 🤍 On June 28th 2023 - Harrison Ford will embark on his last adventure as Indiana Jones in THE DIAL OF DESTINY, finally bringing an end to a cinematic legacy that spans three decades - but does that mean the end of Indiana Jones? Today we'll be exploring the wild world of Indiana Jones video games and tracing it's history from it's early days in the arcade through to it's death on the Xbox and PlayStation. Along the way we'll cover everything from Monkey Island to Star Wars, Tomb Raider to Uncharted, The NES to the Nintendo 64 - all in hopes of discovering what the future could hold for Henry Jones Junior. It's part critique, part retrospective, part review and part history lesson - obviously full of spoilers and obviously full of my opinions. Credit for the incredible thumbnail goes to the immensely talented - 🤍MicahTheBrave = Chapters = 00:00:00 – "It's not the distance, it's the mileage" 00:05:47 – The Early Era 00:18:42 – The Temple of Doom (Arcade/Ports/NES) 00:32:49 – The Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure 00:47:12 – The Last Crusade: The Action Game 00:53:56 – The Last Crusade NES 01:01:39 – The Fate of Atlantis 01:22:42 – The Fate of Atlantis: The Action Game 01:27:42 – Young Indiana Jones Chronicles 01:36:38 – Instruments of Chaos 01:45:12 – Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures 01:59:57 – Desktop Adventures 02:05:24 – The Infernal Machine (PC/N64) 02:24:44 – The Infernal Machine (GBC) 02:32:51 – The Emperor's Tomb 02:55:31 – Lego Indiana Jones 03:06:54 – Staff of Kings (Wii/DS/PSP) 03:25:21 – Lego Indiana Jones 2 03:37:57 – "Fortune and glory kid... fortune and glory" = #IndianaJones #Review #Retrospective

Starfield Review


Bethesda's spacefaring adventure has its moments with an impressive scale, satisfying combat, and some worthwhile sidequests, but its shallow RPG systems and uninspired vision of the cosmos make for a journey that's a mile wide, but an inch deep. #gaming #gamespot #starfield

[Review Phim] Trò Chơi Con Mực Phiên Bản Thực Tế Có Phần Thưởng Lên Đến 300 Triệu


Tóm Tắt Phim Hay | Review Phim Truyền Hình Thực Tế Thể Chất 100 (Full) Tập 1 - Tập 9 ► Đăng ký ngay: 🤍 #thechat100 #phimhay #windmovies #reviewphim #phimhanquoc #phimmoi

Exposing BIAS in Game Review Scores


Looking at Metacritic Data we can quantify what types of games reviewers are more biased towards. From Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom to The Last Of Us, reviewers are biased towards some games more than others. Scraped metacritic data. You can download and view here. Note these are PC games but the data was applied across systems under the assumption that the same trends would apply. 🤍 The exception being 3D platformers which I used by comparing the scores of games from this list which I felt was more comprehensive 🤍

Redfall Review - One of the Worst Games I Played So Far In 2023


Redfall just never comes together. I got to test the retail patch due to the embargo snafu and put in some footage of that as well. Sadly no improvement in how it plays or feels. Redfall has its fun gameplay moments but they have eaten away with every bug, odd design choice, and boring skill that just don't elevate it. It is just not that good. Thanks to Xbox for the code and Bethesda. #videogames #redfall 🕶 Welcome to what I hope is the best videogame review channel on youtube. Subscribe to ACG for video-game reviews, where Karak pays his own money even if the developers given him a code for the game. Previews on new games, top gaming news, funny and informative shorts and much more. 🤍 🤍 We also do the Best Gaming and Videogame Podcast each friday 🎧Itunes 🤍 🎧ACG Reviews and Podcast on Spotify 🤍 🕶 Karak with ACG or angrycentaurgaming, covers new games, old games, previews, reviews, and opinions on the videogame industry and leading podcasts on new gaming subjects each week that you can get by joining this channel to get access to perks: Gaming discord. 🕶 If you want to help out the channel you can buying a game on Epic use the ACG creator code KARAK-ACG 🕶 Karak and ACG's Gaming and News Webpage is locations at 🤍 and all his social links can be found here 🤍 Follow me on Twitter for reviews and info 🤍jeremypenter -JOIN the ACG Reddit 🤍 🤍 ACG Reviews and Podcast can be found at the following links 🎧Itunes 🤍 🎧ACG Reviews and Podcast on Spotify 🤍 🎩ACG Merch Store 🤍 🎩ACG Amazon Affiliate 🤍 Coverage includes ps4, PS5, XBox series X/s, Xbox one, pc, Switch, and digital storefronts like Steam, as well as companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Buy, wait for a sale, rent, or never touch it. The Patented Karak review system to see if a game is worth a buy upon release or if I recommend waiting.

Mortal Kombat 1 Review


The bone-crunching gameplay of Mortal Kombat 1 is some of the best the series has ever seen, thanks to the game-changing Kameo system. Netherrealm delivers a fantastic single-player story mode as well. However, the new Invasions mode is a grind and the online options feel dated. Mortal Kombat 1 review by Mitchell Saltzman on PlayStation 5. Also available on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Switch.

Diablo 4 Review


Diablo 4 reviewed by Travis Northup on Xbox Series X|S, also available on PlayStation and PC. Blizzard's long-awaited sequel to Diablo 3 has near perfect endgame and progression design that makes it absolutely excruciating to put down. The story is a disappointment despite still being a noticeable improvement over Diablo 3 and there are some annoying bugs that need squashing, but the combat, the loot game, and both the sights and sounds of this world are impressive enough to smooth over those rough edges. Diablo 4 takes the strategy of refining things the series already did so well rather than giving it a more substantial overhaul, and that careful and reverent path has shaped this massive sequel into one of the most polished ARPGs ever created. #Diablo4 #Review #IGN

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Review


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor reviewed by Dan Stapleton on PlayStation 5. Also available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. "Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes what Fallen Order did and wall-runs with it, then double-jumps and air-dashes straight into an epic lightsaber battle. Rather than taking us back to square one to begin Cal’s journey as a Padawan again, we’re trusted with control of a full-fledged Jedi Knight who we can grow into a master of superhuman mobility and fantastic and challenging combat. With a new set of larger, more diverse, and densely packed worlds to explore and a memorable cast of returning characters, Survivor tells a story that may be predictable at times but is still fun and emotional to watch play out. Launch performance issues aside, it’s a sequel that does virtually everything better than the original – which was already an exceptional Star Wars game. If Respawn makes one more like this it’ll be the best Star Wars trilogy in 30 years, hands down."

Cocoon Review


Cocoon reviewed by Hana Kim on PC. Also available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Cocoon is a breathtaking puzzle-platformer that borders on psychedelic. Building on what made Inside designer Jeppe Carlsen's previous work stand out, Cocoon not only presents a mind-bending journey through the cosmos via fascinating worlds-within-worlds puzzle mechanics that beg you to delve another layer deeper, but an interesting take on the repetition of work, life, and being part of a "bigger picture." With a relatively short playtime and some well-hidden collectibles that make it worth replaying, Cocoon is a must-play for fans of Limbo or Inside, or anyone looking for a new puzzle adventure to play and then sit down and think about for a while.

EA Sports FC Review


EA Sports FC 24 reviewed on PlayStation 4 by Andrew McMahon. Narrated by Ryan McCaffrey. Also available on Xbox Series X/S and PC. If you were hoping for a dramatic reinvention of EA’s soccer sim to go along with ditching the FIFA name, EA Sports FC 24 is not that. If you’ve played FIFA, you know exactly what kind of incremental improvements and longstanding problems with AI to expect this year. New mechanics like Evolutions show that EA has a general grasp of how to improve its RPG elements, even if it’s only currently for Ultimate Team where you have to put up with all of the dreaded microtransactions. Elsewhere, Volta mode is still a lot of fun with a full team of friends thanks in part to its unique arenas, while the Career Modes once again suffer from the same lack of care they’ve been missing for years, with the added annoyance of some ill-conceived RNG-based objectives this time. All told, it might have a new name, but EA Sports FC 24 is just about the same, frustrating but beautiful game.

Final Fantasy 16 Review


Final Fantasy 16 Review by Mitchell Saltzman, on PlayStation 5. "Final Fantasy 16's combat takes the series even further down the road of an action game, but it's story, characters, and magical setting are among the best the legendary RPG series has seen."

Cô gái ước mơ trở thành game thủ chuyện nghiệp - Review phim Hàn 2023


Tóm tắt phim tình cảm, tâm lý - Review phim Hàn Nữ game thủ chuyên nghiệp đầu tiên tham dư chung kết thế giới...! #reviewphim #tomtatphim #QUEENMOVIES #tinhcam #tamly #reviewphimhan

F1 23 Review


F1 23 reviewed by Luke Reilly on Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One, PlayStation, and PC. "F1 23 is a far heartier package than F1 22, with 26 tracks, the enjoyable next chapter of the Braking Point story mode that began in F1 2021, and – for players who love to recline back into the couch and race – the best gamepad handling in the series, ever. The racing-focused secondary career mode F1 World is also likely to be a step in the right direction after last year’s F1 Life for some, although it's equally probable its arcade-inspired, loot-based upgrade system will be divisive amongst traditionalists."

DOOM Eternal Review But I'm a Video Game Journalist


It's the Dark Souls of shooter games.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Quest for Balance Review


Avatar: The Last Airbender - Quest for Balance reviewed by Tom Marks on PC. Also available for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. We haven’t quite been waiting 100 years for an Avatar game that lives up to the potential of the show, but it’s certainly beginning to feel that way after playing Avatar: The Last Airbender - Quest for Balance. This half-baked and wildly inconsistent retelling of the excellent TV series shows the promise of what an Avatar game could maybe be, but a baffling choice of which scenes to highlight, a clunky camera and combat, hilarious balance problems, and an overreliance on middling block puzzles and boring fetch quests leaves our search for the real Avatar still desperately out of luck. With more Avatar shows and movies on the way, it’s just downright odd how Quest for Balance has managed to arrive at this point in time as both an unsatisfying entry point for newcomers and a poor way to revisit it for dedicated fans. #IGN

Review Khịa: Game Nhái Garten of Banban - Phiên Bản Ấn Độ | meGAME


trong video này, meGAME tôi sẽ tổng hợp cho và review khịa cho anh em những tựa game nhái Garten of Banban, từ tào lao nhất đến hay nhất, để anh em không bị mắc lừa tốn công tải về 1 con game phiên bản Ấn Độ nhé. #gaming #top #gartenofbanban #review #megame meGAME là nơi chúng mình kể cho các bạn nghe mọi thứ về game. Từ phân tích cốt truyện, phân tích game, giả thuyết game cho đến các bảng xếp hạng các top game vcl hay ho. Hãy cùng khám phá những bí ẩn và có những hành trình thú vị cùng meGAME nhé Ở meGAME, game gì cũng có trò gì cũng chơi. Cho nên là nếu các bạn là một người yêu game và mê game, hãy SUBSCRIBE cho chúng mình cũng như đừng quên ấn vào chiếc chuông nho nhỏ bên cạnh nút SUBSCRIBE để không bỏ sót một video nào từ chúng mình nhé. ► Đăng kí: 🤍 ► Fanpage: 🤍 ► Group: 🤍 ► Website: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Joyme: 🤍

Game of Thrones: Unbiased Review


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Review Games Students LOVE | Elementary, Middle, and High School


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Saw: The Game Review - And Its Awful Sequel


Intro animation by SGURK: 🤍 Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: 🤍 Outro music by Good Malware: 🤍 #saw #jigsaw #gaming Hello, Sonny Jims. I wanna play a game. 0:00 Opening 0:41 Intro 02:13 The Premise 06:36 The Gameplay 10:42 The Combat 13:12 The Puzzles 15:46 The Endings 17:22 SAW II: Flesh & Blood 22:21 SAW II: The Bad 27:32 SAW II: The Good 28:30 Outro & Amazingly Awesome Patrons

Dave The Diver Review


Dave The Diver reviewed by Travis Northup on PC. Available later this year on Nintendo Switch. Dave The Diver is a tremendous and unforgettable RPG adventure that I can’t put down. The story and characters are full of heart and charm, the underwater exploration and restaurant management are easy to lose time to, and the sheer number of weird minigames and other surprises that are packed in the 30-hour adventure ensure things never grow stale. Even with wimpy bosses, simple puzzles, and a fair number of bugs, Dave The Diver has so many other interesting and intriguing things going on that it’s easily one of the best games I’ve played this year so far. #IGN #Gaming #DaveTheDiver

Lord of the Rings Video Game Retrospective | An Exhaustive History and Review


A complete history of the entire Lord of the Rings Video Game franchise - covering every single game ever made - from the Atari and Super Nintendo all the way through to the Xbox One and PlayStation 5. 35 games in just over 5 hours - each given the attention they deserve! It's a history documentary. It's a franchise retrospective. It's a multi-part video game review - but above all, it's a love letter to the strange world of Middle Earth licensed video games. Patreon - 🤍 - CHAPTERS 0:00 - The Road Goes Ever on and On 5:01 - Lord of the Rings on MS-DOS and Atari 9:53 - J R R Tolkien's Fellowship of the Ring Vol 1 19:09 - The Fellowship of the Ring 32:29 - The Fellowship of the Ring GBA 38:35 - The Two Towers 50:02 - The Return of the King 1:07:12 - Two Towers & Return of the King GBA 1:14:34 - The Hobbit 1:28:35 - The Hobbit GBA 1:34:06 - The Third Age 1:51:56 - The Third Age GBA 1:57:46 - Lord of the Rings Tactics 2:03:42 - Battle for Middle Earth II (plus all LOTR Strategy games) 2:23:44 - Lord of the Rings Conquest 2:37:46 - Lord of the Rings Conquest DS 2:45:01 - Aragorn's Quest PS3/Wii 2:55:18 - Aragorn's Quest PSP/DS/PS2 3:00:05 - War in the North 3:17:56 - Guardians of Middle Earth 3:27:40 - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor 3:49:53 - Shadow of Mordor: Lord of the Hunt DLC 3:52:44 - Shadow of Mordor: The Bright Lord DLC 3:57:17 - Lego The Lord of the Rings 4:07:01 - Lego The Hobbit 4:15:47 - Middle Earth: Shadow of War 4:37:04 - Shadow of War: Blade of Galadriel DLC 4:42:40 - Shadow of War: Desolation of Mordor DLC 4:50:00 - Lord of the Rings Adventure Card Game 5:00:08 - Now Far Ahead the Road Has Gone - Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Credit for the incredible thumbnail goes to the immensely talented - 🤍MicahTheBrave - #LordoftheRings #Retrospective #Review

Hegemony Board Game Review - Game of The Year


Get ready for an in-depth Hegemony Board Game Review, where we break down why this game is a strong contender for Game of The Year in the world of tabletop gaming. 👕 Merch Store: 🤍 ⭐ Access member perks: 🤍 🎉 Support us on Patreon: 🤍 _ 🪑Get a special bonus offer for Geeknsons using code: GNS-BoardGameHangover-2CUPS [2 cupholders for free when ordering the Megan table] In this video: 0:00 Intro 0:21 Rules 3:11 For Who? 4:14 Best things 8:24 Not for you 11:54 Honeymoon 12:33 Alternative 13:39 Rating Subscribe to Board Game Hangover: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 It’s all about making your board game experience better. From finding the right games to creating the best house rules for those games. We’ll also talk about finding community-created content and optimizing your own strategies and play style so you can kick your friend's asses! So if you want to join the Board game Hangover community click the subscribe button and share this around! #hegemony #BoardGameHangover



#KNChannel #tomandjerry #reviewgame hôm nay Lucy thử thách làm chú chuột Jerry thông minh, lanh lợi. và phải sinh tồn với mèo Tom, mèo Hoang, chó mặt xệ đầy hung dữ. Lucy phải làm sao đây? ★Trọn bộ NHỮNG CHÚ CHÓ CỨU HỘ PAW PATROL tại đây: 🤍 ★Trọn bộ THỬ THÁCH 7 NGÀY LÀM BÁC SĨ THÚ Y CHỮA TRỊ THÚ CƯNG tại đây: 🤍 ★Trọn bộ ANH HÙNG ĐỒ NGỦ PAJAMA SAM KHÔNG SỢ BÓNG TỐI tại đây: 🤍 ★Trọn bộ TIỆC SINH NHẬT BẤT NGỜ CỦA PUTT PUTT tại đây: 🤍 ★Trọn bộ CHUYẾN PHIÊU LƯU CỦA LUIGI tại đây: 🤍 ★Trọn bộ TỶ PHÚ VỊT McDonald TÌM KHO BÁU tại đây: 🤍 ★ Các Game do ba bé Na tạo ra ở đây nè, các bạn nhớ cài vô máy và chơi thử nhé 🤍 ★Hãy đăng ký thành viên tại đây (nhấn dòng chữ bên dưới): 🤍 ( nhấn vào nút màu đỏ ĐĂNG KÝ hoặc Subscribe) ★ Nói chuyện với Na tại facebook Nuôi con kiểu nhật (Hãy nhấn thích trang): 🤍

Humanity Review


Humanity reviewed by Gabriel Moss on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR 2. Also available on PS4, PSVR, and PC. Humanity is a beautiful, modern reimagining of Lemmings that feels as esoteric and artsy as Enhance’s previous games, while ambitiously stepping onto new terrain for the action puzzle genre with the pitter-patter of countless little feet. It somehow manages to intermingle platforming, action, and real-time strategy elements with mind-bending finesse, and its open-endedness means I could be sitting here and tinkering with it for years – much like I have with other games with great level creators like Dreams and Little Big Planet. Humanity bursts out of left field with something so unexpectedly brilliant that I can’t help but recommend it to everyone who’s ever enjoyed a puzzle game. #Humanity

The most DISGUSTING game I have EVER PLAYED | Rachel Foster Review


I picked up this game because it sounded like a cool murder mystery, but it ended up being a foul romanticism of predatory relationships and behaviour. It made me extremely uncomfortable. Here's my review. Twitch: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 VOD channel: 🤍

I strongly recommend: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (Game Review)


Thanks to Nvidia and Inno3D for sponsoring the video. To learn more about Nvidia's next gen GPUs visit 🤍 and to grab an Inno3D RTX 30-Series card for yourself visit 🤍 Guardians of the Galaxy will make you lament the fact there isn’t an equivalent game for Iron Man, or Thor or Hulk or Black Widow or whoever. You imagine a parallel universe where alongside your MCU blu-rays are a row of Marvel games just like this one – adventures full of spectacle and comedy and action and heart. We’re never gonna get that universe, but we do get Guardians of the Galaxy so that’s something. Review code provided by Square Enix #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyReview #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyGame #RTXOn 00:00 Intro 03:30 Story and characters 08:29 Animations, facial capture and lip sync 10:52 Visuals and world 15:03 Exploration 16:50 Technical performance - PC 18:39 Technical performance - PS5 19:22 Audio 19:58 Accessibility and difficulty options 20:59 Bugs and stability 21:47 Combat 25:53 Conclusion 28:36 Nvidia and Inno3D Edited by Austin 🤍ausomehd Skill Up Gaming Facebook Page! 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 (🤍skillupyt) Instagram: 🤍 Join us on the community Discord: 🤍 Recent vids: Back 4 Blood review: 🤍 Battlefield 2042 Beta Impressions: 🤍 Far Cry 6 review: 🤍 Halo: Infinite Impressions: 🤍 Hot Wheels Unleashed review: 🤍 Sable review: 🤍 Kena: Bridge of Spirits review: 🤍 Lost Judgement review: 🤍 Far Cry 6 impressions: 🤍 Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer review: 🤍 Rider's Republic impressions: 🤍 Aliens: Fireteam Elite review: 🤍 Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut review: 🤍 12 Minutes review: 🤍 Back 4 Blood Impressions: 🤍 The Ascent Review: 🤍 The Forgotten City review: 🤍 Death's Door review: 🤍 Psychonauts 2 review 🤍 Monster Hunter Stories 2 review: 🤍 The best 20 indies to put on your radar for 2021: 🤍 Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance review: 🤍 Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart review: 🤍 Necromunda: Hired Gun review: 🤍 Biomutant Review: 🤍 Resident Evil Village review: 🤍 Returnal review: 🤍

The Best Review Game for Any Class


I tend to avoid games in math class because they usually just reward the kids who can think the fastest. Trashketball is a little different. Kids are in teams of 2-3, a question is posed, and students work together to answer it. Only one person can write on the dry erase board per question. Students who answer correctly, get a chance to shoot a trashket (wadded up paper into the garbage). Different distances from the garbage are worth different points. Next question is a different person writing on the dry erase board and the game continues. I got this idea from Jennifer Gonzalez at the Cult of Pedagogy - 🤍 - I’m Thom Gibson. 🍎 I teach middle school math, robotics, a high school YouTuber elective, creator of the 'Stories from the Classroom' Podcast and the Books & Beef Jerky Bookstagram, and learner of Mandarin and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,. 🎥Video, 🎤Podcasting, & 💻Computer Equipment I use - 🤍 contains affiliate links ⏱ What my channel is about in 30 seconds - 🤍 🎧'Stories from the Classroom' Podcast, an audio-documentary education-focused podcast - 🤍 Find me on social media :) Twitter - 🤍gibsonedu Instagram - 🤍gibsoneducation Website -

Review Game: FC Online - Pha Đổi Tên Lịch Sử Của FIFA Online 4 | meGAME


Cuối cùng thì FIFA Online 4 cũng đã chính thức chuyển sang ngôi nhà mới FC Online. Đi kèm với sự thay đổi tên gọi, FC Online còn hàng loạt những đổi mới thú vị khác từ trong đến ngoài game. Qua video hôm nay, hãy để meGAME tôi cho anh em thấy ông bạn FC Online đời mới này sẽ mang đến cho người chơi những lợi ích hấp dẫn nào nhé. #FCOnline #changeforthegreate Nhanh tay tham gia sự kiện mới nhất của FC Online với phần thưởng là những phần quà Trung Thu cực cháy nào anh em meFAN: 🤍 #gaming #fifa #football #megame meGAME là nơi chúng mình kể cho các bạn nghe mọi thứ về game. Từ phân tích cốt truyện, phân tích game, giả thuyết game cho đến các bảng xếp hạng các top game vcl hay ho. Hãy cùng khám phá những bí ẩn và có những hành trình thú vị cùng meGAME nhé Ở meGAME, game gì cũng có trò gì cũng chơi. Cho nên là nếu các bạn là một người yêu game và mê game, hãy SUBSCRIBE cho chúng mình cũng như đừng quên ấn vào chiếc chuông nho nhỏ bên cạnh nút SUBSCRIBE để không bỏ sót một video nào từ chúng mình nhé. ► Đăng kí: 🤍 ► Fanpage: 🤍 ► Group: 🤍 ► Website: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Joyme: 🤍

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